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LDRS501: Research

This guide is designed to assist with the coursework/research required for LDRS501: Research. It is a collaborative effort between the Masters of Arts in Leadership Faculty and the University of Jamestown Librarians. The guide is a living document and may be changed at anytime to reflect additional resources and/or alterations to course materials. Please consult with the course's instructor in regards to the requirements of specific assignments and projects.

Course Description 

LDRS 501: Research (3 credit hours)

Being both a knowledgeable consumer and producer of information is essential to being a good leader. This course introduces students to research methods at a level that allows them to understand scholarly and evaluative research findings and to design projects of their own. Topics to be covered include the research process, research ethics, basic quantitative and qualitative research methods, and evaluation research with a particular emphasis on conducting research in applied settings.