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ENGL314: Rhetoric of Social Movements

Resource suggestions, search tips, and help tools for ENGL314

Fair Use & Copyright

What is fair use?

Fair use is a set of copyright exceptions that allow the (legal, but unauthorized) use of copyrighted materials. Educational and research settings are the primary users of fair use.

Fair use covers use of copyrighted materials for:

  • Preservation purposes
  • Educational purposes
    • Teaching, including inclusion in course sites or study materials
    • Adaptation or remix of materials for teaching or class work (assignments, homework, etc.)
    • Research


What does this mean for my project?

Appropriately and accurately cite your sources and link back to original placement when you can.

Creative Commons

What are Creative Commons Licenses?

You might encounter Creative Commons (CC) licenses in your research - that's good! CC licenses are more flexible and permissive than traditional copyright, and allow for more reuse and remix of materials. CC licenses dictate how a work may be shared or reused. Common requirements are:

  • Attribution - crediting the original creator
  • Using the same CC license on any derivatives (anything you create using the original work)
  • Only non-commercial use