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ENGL314: Rhetoric of Social Movements

Resource suggestions, search tips, and help tools for ENGL314

Search Tips

Google Search Tips

  1. Site search: search only one domain or one website
    • protest art
    • women's suffrage
  2. Search hashtags
    • #blacklivesmatter
  3. Limit by date: click on "Tools" below the magnifying glass part of the search bar, and then on "Any time" at the top of your search results to see date range options


  1. Search by usage rights: in an image search, click on "Tools" below the magnifying glass end of the search bar, and then select "Usage Rights" - choose "Creative Commons licenses"
  2. Reverse search an image: right click (or control-click if you're on a Mac) and select "Search Google for image" - this can help you track down where images and artwork first appeared and who created them so that you can give proper credit

Primary Sources in General*

  1. Include primary source research terms with your other keywords
    • For example: archive, "primary sources," "digital collection," "digital exhibit," "special collection," library, museum, records, papers
  2. Try format-specific terms
    • For example: diaries, acts, letters, film, "archival footage," pamphlets, speeches, "oral histories," prints, posters

*These suggestions from Robin M. Katz,, posted under a CC BY-NC-SA license, Jan 2021.

Digital Archives

Other Online Resources