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ENGL314: Rhetoric of Social Movements

Resource suggestions, search tips, and help tools for ENGL314

Reference Databases

Scholarly Article Databases


Search Tips

Database & Catalog Search Tips

Phrase searching

Search several words as a phrase

  • "civil rights"
  • "black lives matter"
  • "liberation theology"
  • "second wave feminism"



Combine multiple search terms, or exclude certain words from your results

AND - search two topics/keywords together

  • "civil rights" AND John Lewis
  • labor AND unions
  • "animal rights" AND ethics
  • Puerto Rico AND statehood
  • "disability rights" AND education

OR - add synonyms or related terms

  • gay OR lesbian OR trans OR queer
  • anti-war OR peace
  • "native american" OR "american indian"

NOT - exclude words from your search results

  • "civil rights" NOT Martin Luther King
  • Puerto Rico NOT tourism
  • immigration NOT trump



Search all variations of a root word

  • feminis* = feminism, feminist


Filters are your friends

Use filters with in a database or in the catalog to narrow your results after you've entered search terms. Filter by date, language, subject, etc.