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RELIGION: Subject Guide

Resource suggestions and search tips for research in religion.

In This Section

In this section, you'll find:


Great for going deeper

Books, like articles, will report on specific research done by scholars in the field. When you know your topic or research question, check out a few books for information that will add to your ideas or answer your questions. Films and documentaries can be a great way to supplement your other research, or to find visual representations of your topic.

Search the Catalog

Find books, eBooks, and A/V materials in the University of Jamestown's Library. 

Browsing Subjects & Call Numbers

If you are interested in browsing for topics in psychology (either on the shelf or in the catalog), or would like to browse for inspiration, try looking at Dewey Decimal Call Numbers in the 200s.

  • 210s: Philosophy and theory of religion
  • 220s: The Bible
  • 230s: Christianity
  • 240s: Christian practice and observance
  • 260s: Social and ecclesiastical theology
  • 270s: History of Christianity
  • 280s: Christian denominations
  • 290s: Other religions
    • 294: Religions of Indic origin (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism)
    • 296: Judaism
    • 297: Islam, Bábism and BaháΚΌí Faith

magnifying class iconNotice anything about these call number ranges?

Christianity is the clear focus of the classification system we use to organize the books in Raugust Library. You'll notice that all other religions are squeezed into just one "decade" of call numbers, the 290s, while Christianity gets the rest of the 200s.

Why? The Dewey Decimal Classification System was created by a white, Christian, upper class, American man in the late 19th Century and very much reflects his Western, Christian, patriarchal worldview.

Locations of books

  • New books are located downstairs by the A/V materials.
  • Reference books are located downstairs to the left of the circulation desk. 
  • Book stacks are located upstairs. 

eBook Collections @ UJ

In addition to searching through the catalog, you can search eBook collections directly:

Streaming Media

These databases contain video resources to support your research or help you learn about new topics.

Featured Books in Religion

Google Books

Google Book Search

Search to see if books are available (out of copyright or with publisher permission) online.