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Research help and resource suggestions for research in chemistry and biochemistry.

American Chemical Society Publications @ UJ

ACS logoIn this section: ACS Journals

Raugust Library subscribes to a core set of journals from the American Chemical Society. You can search and browse each journal individually using the links below, or use the first link to search ACS journals together.


Accessing journals not in our Core Subscription

You will still be able to search through and view articles that are not in our subscription. Access to these articles is through a token system. We purchase a set number of tokens to be used throughout the year. As you search ACS, you'll see a small green checkmark with the words "Token Access" next to the access options for an article that would use a token.

Any time you display the full text of an article - whether you're reading the full text within ACS or you click on the PDF - you will use one of our tokens, and that is okay! They're meant to be used. If you encounter an article that you can't access, it probably means we are out of tokens. Get in touch with the library using the contact info on this page, and we will look into it.

magnifying class iconTIP: Save PDFs, conserve tokens

Any time you open the full text of an article within ACS that isn't part of our subscription, you use a token. An easy way to help us conserve our tokens is to get in the habit of saving articles from ACS journals as PDFs to your personal computer. That way, if you need to consult the article again, you don't have to open it again within ACS and use more tokens!

All publications

Journals in our subscription

Note: Full access is only from 1996 - present

Other useful journals

Just remember - articles in these journals use tokens.