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Open Education Resources | Find OERs

Information about OER initiatives and resources at the University of Jamestown.

In This Section

open lock imageIn this section, you'll find:

  • Sources for finding OERs, including
    • General OER repositories
    • Open textbooks, both general resources and specific books by subject
  • Sources for ebooks
  • Sources for open lesson plans



Want a walk-through of the process?

Try this worksheet:

OER Repositories

These search tools are broad and will return (text)books as well as ancillary materials, such as worksheets, assignments, study guides, homework tools, etc.


These resources focus specifically on open textbooks.

Textbooks by Subject


Public Speaking

Writing & Research Instruction

Music Theory



While not OERs in the sense that they can be remixed and adapted, these ebooks are can either be downloaded an unlimited number of times or are open access.

Lesson Plans

These resources provide freely available, open lesson plans.