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Open Education Resources

Information about OER initiatives and resources at the University of Jamestown.

In This Section

open access symbolIn this section, you'll find:

  • Examples of OER projects and use across campus


Are you using OERs in your classroom?

We'd love to hear about it (and to feature you here)!

Email Tuya ( or Amanda ( to share what you're doing and how it has impacted your students. Others across campus will benefit from your experience and expertise.

Textbooks in the Library

While technically an affordable course materials initiative and not OER, Raugust Library's Textbook Project is a program that follows some of the same principles of OERs, namely, freely-available access to course materials. The library has purchased copies of textbooks for several courses as a pilot of this program. These textbooks are available for students to check out for the semester, so that they don't have to purchase the textbook themselves.

Courses that are ideal for this program

  • Fulfill general education requirements
  • Will use the same textbook for the next few years


This project is being piloted during the Fall 2020 semester in a History survey course as well as two language courses. Stay tuned for more information, and get in touch with the library if you think your course would be a good fit for this program!