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Research in Teacher Leadership | Step 1: Plan

Research process and search tips + resources for research in teacher leadership.

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Jeanie Winkelmann
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Step 1: Plan Your Research

compass iconPlanning your research involves:

  • Developing research questions and keywords
  • Determining the kinds of information you need in order to answer your research questions
  • Knowing where to go for help

Develop Questions and Keywords

What kinds of questions and topics will you be researching? Use those questions to create a set of search terms, or keywords.

magnifying class iconDeveloping Keywords:

  1. Locate the essential words in your research question, problem statement, hypothesis, or thesis.
    • What are the nouns, proper nouns, and action verbs that make up your question?
    • What are the major concepts or themes that your question addresses?
    • Are there theories or methodologies that will help you analyze your research, or that are relevant to your research questions?
  2. Think of a few synonyms or related terms for each keyword.
    • Consider the specific jargon of your field as well as more common terminology. (How would you describe the topic or concept to other teachers? To a friend who isn't a teacher?)
  3. Consider how combining your keywords will change your search results.
    • Which words will it be useful to search together?

What Kinds of Information...?

...will answer your questions? ...will you need for your assignments?

  • Scholarly research? Data and statistics?
  • Do you need to analyze specific studies, or learn about a larger conversation (get a bigger picture)?

Where to Go for Help

Your librarians are here to help!

We are always happy to meet one-on-one, in person or virtually, to talk through

  • Coming up with or focusing a topic
  • Brainstorming search terms
  • Search tools and strategies
  • Evaluating sources
  • Citing sources
  • Staying organized

Meet with a Librarian

You can also send us an email or drop by the library!