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CLINICAL RESEARCH: Research Guide | Find Data

Resource suggestions, search tips, and other help resources for clinical research.

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In This Section

magnifying glass iconIn this section, you'll find:

  • Publicly available datasets for use in secondary research


Find a dataset that's not listed here?

Let us know and we can add it for future use! This list is meant to be a living document as what's freely available will change over time.

Publicly-Available Datasets

Publicly Available Datasets for Secondary Analysis 

Many datasets are available for public use at low cost—to generate a study using retrospective data, consider these sources either in the US or from other countries.  

Data Sharing Resources - National Library of Medicine


By Category: 


Agricultural Datasets 

Ancient DNA and Disease

Biomechanics Datasets 

Data Innovations

Framingham Heart Study

Genomics and Biotechnology 

Health Economics 

Health and Wellness 

Indigenous Health Datasets 


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