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THEATRE: Subject Guide

Search tips and resource suggestions for research in theater.

In This Section

theater masks in black and whiteIn this section, you'll find:

  • Resources and tips for finding theatre reviews


Great for learning about specific productions

Theatre reviews may contain a lot of helpful information if you're trying to learn about a play or a specific staging of that play. Reviews often outline the plot and major themes of the play; discuss the acting, casting, and directing; and critique the production design, including set, lighting, and costumes, and the venue. Reviews are great sources for informed opinions about the merits of a production.

Where to Search

Newspaper sources

Reviews are often published in news sources. The databases and publications below are great places to search for reviews.

How to Search

Step 1: Select Where to Search

Start your search with US Newsstream--this database searches many news publications at once.


Step 2: Advanced Search

Choose Advanced Search, directly above the search box.

screenshot of the US Newsstream database


Step 3: Limit Document Type - Review

Scroll down the page until you find the area for Document type. Check the box for Review.

screenshot of document type in US Newsstream


Step 4: Enter a Title

The easiest way to find a specific play is to enter its title in quotations in the first search box on the Advanced Search page. If you are looking for a specific production, then add additional information (such as an actor, director, or theater company) into the search.

screenshot of advanced search in US Newsstream