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THEATRE: Subject Guide: Reviews

Theatre reviews may contain the following information:

  • Informed opinion about the merits of a production
  • Outline of the plot and themes
  • Acting and casting
  • Directing
  • Design, including lighting, set, sound, costumes
  • Venue
  • Audience

How To Search for Reviews Using ProQuest Databases

Step 1: Select Where to Search

It is highly recommended that you start your search with ProQuest Newsstand

Step 2: Advanced Search

Select Advanced Search.

Step 3: Limit Document Type - Review

Scroll down the page until you find the area for Document type. Click Review.

Step 4: Enter Title

The easiest way to find a specific play is to enter its title in quotations. If you are looking for a specific production, then add additional information (such as an actor, director, or theater company) into the search.